Sunday, 8 March 2015

Photography files #1.

One thing that may not be obvious about me is that I LOVE photography. I prefer being the model 99% of the time but now and again I like to dabble and see what happens. I decided that it would be nice to have a little series on my blog that I can add to whenever I take some photos or Amelia says she fancies taking some of me. 

This first post is very little- it's just two photos of my bestfriend Sam. Prior to taking these photos he was a good sport and let me tame his eyebrows slightly (I stopped quickly though because I thought he was getting annoyed at the pain... Such a baby) and didn't even complain when I started braiding his hair. But it's his own fault- if he's decided to grow out his hair to attempt the man bun, then experimentation on his longer hair is an occupational hazard. But even though I did it as a joke- I don't actually think it looks bad on him. How annoying. 

I hope you enjoy what this series brings :) 

F ♥


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