Saturday, 12 March 2016


Social media can often make us forget who's behind the camera, who's behind the screen and who reads your comments. Anonymity can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands and people find it extremely easy to tear someone down. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing "ugly" and "fat bitch" thrown about ever 30 seconds is unhealthy and generally a really gross thing to see and do. You'd never walk up to someone and tell them that you really don't like their new haircut and expect them not to be hurt and slightly annoyed that you've taken the time out of your day to hurt their feelings.

It's easy to get caught up in the negativity that comes with being online but it's important to separate yourself if it starts to get you down. Turn off the wifi/ mobile data, set your phone down somewhere and watch a few seasons of Friends and realise something. It's not about you. If someone feels the need to throw hate and negativity on you, it's their issue not yours. And the worse thing you can do is let it affect you. Whilst this is easier said than done it's extremely important. 

Whilst I'm aware that the beauty/ fashion blog demographic is not 100% female, I quickly wanted to talk about international woman's day. It was a few days ago now but the events on Twitter annoyed me profusely. As I'm sure everyone saw, Kim K posted a "nude" selfie. Whilst she had sensored her private parts and was showing the same amount of skin as any regular bikini pic, people were quick to tear her down. 
And the point of this was what? 
Kim K is being who she is, she's raising her children, growing her already ridiculously huge empire and she looks damn good doing it. 
It's no one else's place to start calling her a bad mother or a "slut" for having body confidence. Her sex tape was 13 years ago people, can we move on now? 

The older I get the more i realise how unnecessary drama is. It weighs on you. It's not worth the bit of gossip to chat about at lunch. 

Can we please start loving and supporting each other now? If you've nothing nice to say then refrain from saying anything.


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