Sunday, 28 December 2014

Best of the Brand: Soap & Glory Skincare ♥

Soap & Glory is one of my favourite skincare brands of all time. I literally love everything in the range so choosing some favourites has been very difficult. 

Clarity Face Soap: As recently my face has been very dry and just not feeling great in general I wanted to buy an exfoliator; this product contains little micro beads that exfoliate your face really nicely but it's still gentle enough to use everyday.
It makes my face feel so fresh and clean so I like to use it in the morning to get rid of any oil that has appeared on my face in the night. 

The Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub: I really enjoy using this product, it makes me feel extra clean in a weird way. It promises to help with any dry areas on the skin and it really does do this. I have extremely dry skin on my body so this has really helped with it. I also find that it makes my moisturiser sink in more quickly. Not sure why but it's great.

Clean On Me: This is a shower gel with a moisturizer built in so as you can imagine how amazing it feels. Most standard moisturisers feel very watery and just don't seem to do anything. This product feels very luxurious and makes my skin so soft.

Smoothie Star Body Moisturizer: I'm completely out of this product now but I'm keeping the bottle so that it reminds me to re purchase this. I remember using this product on my legs whilst on holiday last year because i was wearing a dress. Normally when girls shave their legs they walk around persuading everyone to feel them; this amplified that for me.
I've used the soap & glory body butter and loads of moisturisers over the years but I've never had such soft skin than when I use this. 

Hand Food Hand Cream: This is such a staple product for me. I get quite dry skin on my body and especially by hands so it is essential for me to have this in my bag.
It isn't greasy as all and it makes your hands super soft so what more could you want?
p.s It also smells great.

Puffy Eye Attack Eye Cream: I was so happy when I found this product because whenever I try to find a good eye cream they are always anti ageing. However this one is hydra gel to help get rid of dark under- eye circles and help hydrate your eye area.
It feels very hydrating and smooth so would feel really nice underneath makeup, I apply it at night to ensure that it doesn't make my concealer crease due to my skin type but if you have dryer skin then it would be fine to apply morning and night. 

Thanks so much for reading this post and please leave brand requests below for this type of post. 

F ♥


  1. I've never tried this brand before but these products sound great.

    1. I would definitely suggest trying them out x

  2. I've always wanted to try this brand. That eye cream sounds awesome! Thanks for the helpful review!

    1. Glad you liked it, you definitely should try it out for yourself xx

  3. Lovely post! I love that eye cream!! Would you suggest the face scrub for oiler skin?


    1. I have oily skin and it works great on me! But it's also not drying at all xx


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