Friday, 19 December 2014

Best of the Brand: Soap & Glory Cosmetics ♥

Kick Ass Concealer Stick: I really like this concealer for highlighting, around brows to define them more, on the cupids bow etc. The formula is very creamy (which is why for me i'm not too keen on it for under the eyes due to it creasing), it blends nicely and in stick- form it is very handy and easy to use.

Kick Ass Concealer: This is the palette version that comes with two shades of the concealer (for face and under the eyes) and it also comes with a pressed setting powder. I really love this one for blemishes especially; it's medium coverage but it's definitely buildable. I really recommend this concealer.

Lid Stuff eyeshadow quad // What's Nude: I find this palette so handy, it has the essentials for any basic eyeshadow look; a matte white, a matte brown, a matte shade for the lid or crease and a darker sparkly shade. The eyeshadows feel very expensive when applying them and the only one I find to be slightly chalky is the matte pinky shade. Other than that, I love everything about this palette- especially the packaging... AND that it doesn't come with a crappy little eyeshadow brush that you can never use so just end up throwing away which makes the palette look bad.
First world probs.

Archery eyebrow pencils: The archery brow pencils are my favourite brow pencils ever. I know that everyone went mental when Soap & Glory changed and re released the pencil, however they do still sell the original one with the larger waxy pencil and the felt tip. I cannot decide which one i like the most, I like them both equally and i use them both equally sooo.. yeah.
I was going to make a comment about choosing between the pencils would be like choosing your favourite child but then I thought that sounded stupid seeing as they're eyebrow pencils and I didn't want you all to think I was stupid.
Just thought i'd mention that the thought crossed my mind
Because that's just the type of person I am.
Moving on...

One Heck of a Blot Powder: This powder is very finely milled and adds no coverage whatsoever, it mattifies beautifully and is perfect for setting especially under the eyes.  

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick // Nudist: On of my favourite all time lip products. If you're not a fan of sticky lip products then i'd maybe avoid this one, I however prefer lip products to be slightly sticky so I can feel whether or not it has come off or not.
I adore this colour, it's like a peachy/ pink gloss but it looks soo nice with any makeup look.

Supercat Liner: (not photographed). I totally forgot about this product until someone mentioned it in the comments! I use it every single day and forgot. UH.
But yeah this is my favourite liquid liner evveerrrrr and it's way easier than gel liner soo... get it. 

F ♥



  1. The only Soap and Glory makeup product I've ever used is their Supercat liquid eyeliner, which I love! I've been meaning to try out their other products for so long but have just never got round to it! This post was so helpful and I've now added the concealer, powder, eyebrow pencils and gloss stick to my list of products to buy whenever I can. I can't wait to get them :) x

    1. OMG I cannot believe i forgot that product! *goes to quickly update the post*


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