Saturday, 11 October 2014

Halloween Costume: 60s Girl ♥♥

 The other night i went to a 60s party and as Halloween is coming up i'd thought i'd share my outfit/ costume with you. Halloween has become a holiday with no rules. You can literally dress up as anything you want, doesn't have to be scary, doesn't have to have anything to do with anything.


My dress is from a charity shop- it was £5. For any kind of era party like this, a charity shop is your best bet and i love how this dress looked. When i bought it, it had a thick black panel at the bottom which i decided to turn up (one of those iron on thingys).

I just popped on some black tights because it was damn cold.

Conveniently, one of my bestfriends, Sam is a dancer- so he has access to a huge costume box. He brought round these gogo boots and I got to wear them. I feel like they made this outfit super 60s.

Finally, i popped on some huge pearl earrings. 


I went for a Bridgette Bardot inspired makeup look (from Tanya Burr's channel).

The lashes i used are the Millie Mackintosh Soho lashes. 



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