Friday, 24 February 2017


This is a new little "series" that I really want to start on my blog. I used to do specific product reviews all the time but I don't do it so much anymore, so I decided that to encourage me to do it more I'll start this little series. If there's a product that's more expensive or super hyped up, I'll share my opinion and tell you whether I think something is worth it or not.

So even though every beauty YouTuber I watched always raved about the Beauty Blender, I always decided against buying it and always favoured just getting one of the many cheaper alternatives.  I've tried so many beauty sponges from Real Techniques to M&S however when a teeny little BB stand arrived my in local Boots I picked one up and said to my boyfriend that I didn't understand the price tag but I really wanted to try one.

As this was the day before my birthday my boyfriend very kindly bought me one as a little add- on present. So I was obviously very excited to try it and when I did.... 



The texture of the real Beauty Blender is completely different to any other sponge that I've ever tried, and for some reason it makes every foundation look amazing. It makes every foundation look as good as it can and whenever I start applying my foundation with a brush, i have to switch back over. It feels much less dense than any other that I've tried and it a lot softer than the Real Techniques ones and overall performs sooo much better.

I have applied my foundation and concealer with a brush maybe 1 or 2 times if I've been in a rush to get ready or something but literally that's it. I'm also yet to find a foundation or concealer that doesn't work with it.

I ofcourse use the BB wet but sometimes I like to spray it with a facial spray instead of water and it has a really great finish. If I want my foundation to last the longest possible, or if it's a foundation that doesn't always last the longest on my skin, I'll spray the Urban Decay De- Slick spray so that it works in with the foundation to give the longest lasting base possible.

100% worth it, if you wear foundation you NEED it!


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