Monday, 22 December 2014

Best of the Brand: Benefit Cosmetics ♥

I have no excuse for my absence.
So all i can say is sorry about that.

My birthday was last week and I got some really gorgeous Benefit products from my friends and family so I thought it would be the perfect brand to review for you.

POREfesional Primer: This has been one of my favourite Benefit products for a long time. It's main purpose is to minimize the look of pores however I find that if I'm wearing a matte foundation I can get away with using it on its own to prolong the wear of my foundation. 
When I wear a normal foundation, I apply this underneath my primer due to it making my (normally huge) pores, tiny. 
Even though primers are normally aimed towards people with oily skin, I would recommend it for anyone with larger pores or anyone who just wants their foundation to glide on more smoothly.  

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation: This is not a matte foundation. I'd just like to get that in right at the start, If you have oily skin and like to wear a matte foundation that will stay in place all day every day, then this is not the foundation for you. However, if you still like to wear lighter more dewy foundation even though you have oily skin, like myself, then I would recommend popping over to a Benefit counter and asking them to apply it on you. 
A few weeks ago, my mum, my mum's friend and I went to a makeup evening during late night shopping hours; the ticket was £5 each and that allowed free makeovers and then £5 off whatever you bought. 
My mum and Sharon went straight for YSL and had gorgeous makeovers there but I went over to Benefit and had my face- makeup done. She applied this foundation and throughout the whole rest of the night i kept looking in the mirror and loving the finish of the foundation. It makes your skin look so healthy and fresh. I would recommend this foundation to anyone who loves a dewy, healthy finish. 

Hello Flawless Powder: This is a very high coverage powder, it's amazing for setting light coverage foundations and setting spot- concealing. 
What I also love is that if you don't fancy wearing foundation one day but still want a little bit of coverage, you could just apply some porefessional and a tad of concealer under your eyes and then use the multi- task brush from real techniques to apply the powder all over your face to create really natural looking coverage.
This is also a great tip for if you wake up late, don't have much time to get ready, or just don't feel like putting on heavy makeup.

Brow Zings: I was sooo excited when i got this product for my birthday. My brows are something that i battle over everyday, some days my eyebrows go super well and cause no problem however other days i cannot get them to look half decent. 
This palette has made them 100x easier to do. 
It comes with a wax product and a powder, I prefer to use the powder first and then use the wax product on top to further define the brows. 
The powder is very pigmented and goes on very easily. 

So i hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite products from Benefit.
Please leave me brand requests for this new segment and any other posts that you would like to see in the future.

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  1. Loved reading this post! I have the Hello Flawless foundation but have only tried it once and threw it back in my drawer, must take it out again to try after reading this :) Happy belated birthday, hope you had a good day! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

    1. Yeah definitely try it out again! If you have oily skin I would wear a primer underneath but if not you might get away with it. Thanks so much! ♥♥


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