Saturday, 18 February 2017


Unintentionally, i seem to have started a little series about my life at uni. I say unintentionally because i wrote my first post to simply get the thoughts out of my head when i first started. However looking at my stats for these posts, you lot seem to enjoy them.

The next thing i want to talk about is, as the title suggests, living with strangers. This was something that i was really worried about. 

Who would i end up living with? 
Will we get on? 
What happens if we don't? 

I have to say, for the record, i got extremely lucky with who i've ended up living with.

Whilst at times it can be the most frustrating thing ever, like... when you just want to go to the kitchen and make a cheese bagel but you hear all your housemates having a party in there. You would go and join but you've already taken all your makeup off and are stewing in your space pyjamas.

Well, that might just be me.

But it is just for the year, then you can move in with whatever friends you make and you can go to kitchen whenever you want and get as many cheese toasties as your stomach can handle.

Uni is a very challenging experience and it's very important that when filling out the little boxes on the accommodation website, you think properly about the type of house and the type of people you're going to find it most comfortable to live with. There's the quiet house box, even a box that asks whether you'd prefer to live in an all- girls house... but don't take the piss and tick the quiet box so it's quiet when you want to sleep and the kitchen is free for when you want to invite everyone round for pres.

My biggest advice would be to make a bloody schedule for taking out the bins. Straight away. Even if you do it and then just sneak it on to the notice board if you don't want to seem like you're trying to be the mum. That bin schedule is important- and if it's your day, TAKE. IT. OUT.

I speak from experience. You can pretend like you won't care but a uni halls kitchen is grim place so don't make it worse.

But for real, even though it can be crap at times and even though you live with a bunch of people it can be quite lonely, it's really nothing to worry about. My biggest advice would be to make your room super homely and decorate it so it's a place you're going to want to spend loads of time. You're there for the best part of a year so refusing to call it some sort of "home" is only going to make you feel worse.


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