Friday, 23 May 2014

Models Own Beach Bag.

I am a huge sucker for nail polish.

I make an effort to take care of my nails (basically all I'm saying, is that I don't chew them off)- so having nice long nails to paint always makes me feel like I should. 

When spring/ summer finally turns up I take full advantage of anything even remotely summery that I maybe couldn't get away with before. 

I spotted this shade on a fellow bloggers website and fell in love. I picked it up a few days ago in Superdrug and already I am obsessed. 

It's a beautiful pastel/ neon/ bright shade that almost looks like it's going to glow in the dark. I painted my nails whilst I was sat in the sun and even though it wasn't the best painting I've ever done; I was instantly obsessed with the shade. 

As I'm not aloud to wear nail polish at school I opted to wear it on my toes; even though this may make me sound really sad... Seeing the colour everyday makes me so happy! 

Last year my summer shade was Models Own HedKandi Beach Party which I'm sure that I will re- purchase soon.


After wearing this polish on my toenails for a few days i realised that the formula chips very quickly; normally when i wear Barry M, it lasts for weeks without any sign of chipping but with this one, a whole toe of polish came off after just a few days. So eventhough i am in love with the shade, i'm not hugely loving the formula.

What's your favourite summer nail polish shade? 

F x 

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