Sunday, 25 May 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips: Cherry Me.

As I've mentioned previously, I'm really not someone who feels the need to wear lip product everyday and I rarely wear lipstick. I love anything more sheer and natural looking. On one of my many trips to Boots, i was standing at the Maybelline counter minding my own business when someone runs over to me and forces me to the till and the Baby Lips in Cherry Me... No, but really. Maybelline have been doing it for me recently. They've launched quite a few new products over the past couple of months so i always check back at Maybelline for anything new.

I decided to pick up a Maybelline baby lips as they're only £2.99 and they looked really nice. I'm one of those people that will, as soon as they buy something, put it on. Whether it's lipstick/ foundation/ a top, it literally does not matter what I've got on already- I just get way too over excited- my point is; I immediately applied this product (literally in the car on the way home) and instantly LOVED it.

I first noticed how moisturizing and creamy it is on the lips; it felt amazing. I then pulled down the mirror and I saw that the colour was just as amazing as the texture. I picked up 'Cherry Me' and I have been loving it... I definitely want to pick up more shades from the range.

This product is not one that lasts all day (not that it promises to) but the feeling of hydration is something that does last.

If you have a favourite shade, please let me know below !!

F x

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