Saturday, 24 January 2015

Review // Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation ♥

This range of foundation has been my favourite for a few months now so i decided that it was time i reviewed it for you all.
The one with the red lid is the original formula and the white lid is the nude version which means that it is supposed to look more natural and feel like you're not wearing anything on the skin.
I much prefer the nude version because i find that it goes on more smoothly, it stays put all day and it just looks flawless but still manages to look natural.
I still do like the original formula however i feel that i need to build it a lot more to get my desired coverage. They both say that they include comfort serums within them and whether that's true or not, they really are extremely comfortable to wear.

I can apply these foundations with basically anything, any of the Real Techniques brushes help to create a beautiful base. They include SPF 20 which means they are going to look okay in flash photography due to the SPF not being too high whilst still protecting your skin from the everyday sun; they say that you should wear an SPF even if you're not sunbathing.

I'm pretty sure that the colour range is good for a drugstore brand and the price is also great which is typical of Rimmel products at around £8.

I'm also just quickly going to add that if you have oily skin i would recommend the Rimmel Stay Matte primer, it works great with this foundation but the texture isn't too heavy or siliconey.

F ♥


  1. Great review, I've been looking in to getting one of the Nude shades but have been concerned that it's not very good coverage. After reading your post, I think I may have to pick one up :) x

    Amy • Amy’s Corner

  2. This sounds lovely, I must try it out, I love the Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel. xx



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