Friday, 18 April 2014

Gift Ideas // The Best Friend Edit ♥♥

It's one of my best friend's birthday coming up so recently i have been brainstorming a few ideas of what i could get her.

I am going to do more posts like this in the future giving you some ideas for your mum, dad, boyfriend etc but as this week it's my best friend's birthday, i thought this was a good place to start.

Obviously whatever gift you're going to buy depends on your budget, how old they are going to be and how close you are to that person. I'm going to imagine that your budget isn't huge.

1. Sleek Makeup.
If your friend is into makeup/ wants to expand their collection Sleek is a great gift. The palettes especially are a good idea as they are great quality and the pigmentation is amazing. And as there are so many versions of the sleek palettes, there is one for every taste.

2. Gift Cards.
If you really are stuck for ideas or you know that your friend is very picky and would rather choose something herself, giving a gift card to their favourite shop is always a nice idea and a bit more personal than just putting some money in a birthday card.

3. Quality time.
The most cheesy in the post (i promise) but you could just treat your friend to a coffee out/ a movie/ dinner etc. Spending time with your friends is so important and you are sure to have the best time. 

This is the case i bought for my friend Amelia's birthday
(obviously, full of inside jokes).
4. Personalized phone case.
There are so many different websites that offer this service so it's really easy to find one in your budget. You can put literally anything on the cases so can create a really cute gift for anyone and you can make it really personal/ funny (including some inside jokes).

5. A Necklace/ Pandora Charm.
Friendship necklaces are always a cute idea when you're younger but a necklace is a very simple and easy gift to give anyone. 
Pandora charms also come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

6. Shopping Trip.
Buying clothes for people can be tricky, even if you know their size and style, you never know how that particular clothing item is going to look on the person. You could just get a gift receipt and/ or take it back and change it after the person has tried it on, however taking someone on a little shopping trip on the day or day before their birthday is a better idea in my opinion. You will know for sure that the person likes their present and it's also a really fun day out with your friend.

I hope this helps ♥


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