Wednesday, 20 January 2016

How I Keep My Bleached Hair Healthy ♥

For someone who always swore that I would never dye or bleach my hair, my hair colour is suspiciously unnatural.
I don't know what made me so against the idea. I guess I just never fancied my hair being brittle and unhealthy looking. However, a bad haircut later, I found myself saying "fuck it".
Before I knew it, I was walking around Sally's asking how easy it was to Ombré your own hair. And to say this all happened a week before my prom, I'd say I was pretty brave. 

So I bleached the ends myself and then threw some semi- permanent, purple dye on top. It was cool for a while although then a green wash overcame it and it quickly lost its appeal. I later had it all chopped off and was even more underwhelmed by my natural hair colour. 

So, how do you enjoy changing your hair colour without your hair losing it elasticity, texture and shine? 
I take a few measures to ensure that my hair won't hate me in years to come. 

Something I apply every time I wash my hair is a leave in conditioner. I think these make a massive difference, some also have untangling qualities which helps to be gentler on your hair when brushing it out. My favourite is from Schwarzkopf- I've used it for years, it's super cheap and I think it's amazing. 

Conditioners aimed towards colour- treated hair can help to maintain soft hair although now and again it's great to pop on a hair mask if your hair's feeling dry etc. The Bleach London Reincarnation mask works great and is also very affordable. 

If you style your hair with heat often, a heat defense is mandatory. Lots of brands do great heat defences, my favourite is the Schwarzkopf Guardian Angel. It protects your hair up to 220°C which is more than the average curler or straightener. It's really light so doesn't make your hair feel greasy or weighed down. I can't even think about doing my hair with a hot styling tool unless I know my hair's protected.

If you're someone who likes texture and body in your hair, this next tip if for you. If you suffer from flat- hair syndrome, like myself, I know how tempting it is to backcomb your hair to get volume. However, there are much better options. The V05 Plump It Up dry back combing spray gives amazing volume to the roots with no actual back combing required. For texture throughout the hair, sea salt type sprays are amazing. One of my faves is the Aussie Miracle Beach Waves because it's not too heavy and doesn't make your hair unmanageable like some others I've tried. It also smells like a beach (whatever that smells like). 

Lastly, it's not good to wash your hair everyday, 2-3 times a week is enough to make sure it doesn't dry out. However this is harder if you have naturally oily/ greasy hair like me, which is why i rely so heavily on dry shampoo. I love Batiste, Collab and TRESemmé- and they're all super cheap. Batiste is also great to help soften roots (for blondes) as the powder goes on the hair lighter than the others.

Hope you found this helpful,
thanks for reading.
F x


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