Friday, 4 April 2014

Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph ♥

Soap & Glory is famous for amazing skincare products, when a skincare brand starts bringing out makeup i always want to try it out. Soap & Glory's branding is so cool and cute anyway but this product was just calling out to me. Reading all the information on the boxes of these products makes me happy *round of applause for the Soap & Glory marketing team* . 

I am always a sucker for eyebrow products; mainly because i really love filling them in and get so excited by any product for them. This eyebrow pencil also comes with a highlighter for under the brow bone so is therefore a winner because who doesn't love a good 2- in- 1? 
It's a very soft pencil and creates the most natural effect of any eyebrow pencil i have tried out before (others tend to be more waxy and more difficult to work with), this pencil is much softer and easier to work with. The highlighter pencil is larger than the pencil end and very soft and blendable.
The highlighter pencil is also great for the inner corner to brighten up the eyes- you could also use it on the tops of the cheek bones if you wanted (i have oily skin so tend to steer away from highlighter on the face). 
I like to use the pencil first on clean brows and then go over it with a powder; this just makes it last longer. However, on days when i cannot be bothered, i have just used the pencil and got a really great effect.
The day after i bought this, my mum went back to boots the next day and bought it and she loves it too. 

What's your favourite brow product? 


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