Monday, 26 September 2016


Whilst it's only a month since I made the move to uni, it is arguably the most difficult month (dissertation aside, obviously). I often forget to do life updates on my blog and normally I just stick to makeup and fashion and that's about it. However, I'm the type of person that likes to know everything there is to know about bloggers and YouTubers and I think by habit I share more about myself on my YouTube channel just because it's less edited and seemingly a lot easier. But as uni is a topic that terrified me for a long time, I feel like it's something I really want to talk about. 

So, just to give you some context about my university life. I moved down to uni on the 4th of September from my little seaside town of Scarborough to Epsom, which is about half an hour South West of London. I study fashion journalism which can't come as the biggest shock as I've been writing my fashion and beauty blog for a good few years (rubbish as it may have been in the beginning). 

So as I seem to have survived a week by myself, freshers week, induction week and the start of my course, I feel that this would be a good time to have a chat about how to get through it successfully (with minimal crying).

Now, don't get me wrong, don't get it twisted, I did not find the first week the easiest by any means. Leaving home, my boyfriend, my friends and my parents was one of the most rubbish things ever... but it does get easier. I remember when I first slept in my little room in my halls I sat the whole night questioning whether or not I'd actually made the right decision and whether it was worth feeling this sad all the time. I definitely could not imagine ever feeling settled and happy being this far away from everyone I love. However everyone around me was in the same boat, feeling even more rubbish than I was and I found myself telling them a week later that it actually does get easier. And it totally does.

It's still not great to be away from everyone but after a few days you get to know the people on your course and in your house, you go out a few times with everyone and then you realise it's not actually that bad. 

My biggest pieces of advice are just to not put pressure on yourself to feel great about uni straight away, it does take time to settle in- especially if it's your first time away from home; and- FaceTime your parents or boyfriend or dog everyday if that's what helps you.

Enjoy freshers week and get to know your lecturers as well as possible.

Good luck.


  1. You will never know how proud we are of you. We love you and will always be there for you no matter what.

  2. Good luck Fran, going out into that big wide world is always frightening and everyone goes through it but it becomes the norm in such a short time you will wonder what there was to be afraid of. I remember you the first few weeks of your life your mum and dad were so proud of you, I remember holding that little bundle in my arms you were so cute, look at you now a lovely young lady starting out in that big wide world on her own. Always follow you on facebook to see how you are going, very pleased to see your blog today. Good luck again Fran but I am sure you don't need it. Lots of love Yvonne Saltmarsh. PS Give my love to your mum and dad. xx


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