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Urban Decay NAKED Palettes ♥

Before I begin this post I would just like to give a quick thankyou for 500 followers on Bloglovin'. I've been working super hard on this blog over the past few weeks so thankyou sooo much for everyone who follows me, leaves a nice comment and reads my posts. It really does mean an awful lot to me and I love you all.

So onto the post, today I've decided to challenge myself. I've wanted to do a post like this for the longest time but to me it's always seemed to daunting and there's just so much to say that I'm worried I will miss something major. 

Anyway, enough about the first world problems that I face right now. 

I'm talking about the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes. People always ask me which one to get so I thought that since I now own all three of the palettes I would talk you through all of the palettes so you can decide which one or ones you need in your life. 

Each palette is around the £36 mark and for that you get 12 eyeshadows with a variety of finishes (matte, shimmery and micro- glitter), you get a double ended UD brush and a huge mirror.
Generally, I prefer the packaging of the 2 and 3 palettes because they close securely and they have a huge mirror in them which make them great for travelling. 

So, the classic. The first Naked palette. The one that started it all off.
I don't know whether this is still the case but a few years ago at least this was the beauty industries number 1 selling makeup item and it's no surprise why.
All the eyeshadows in this palette are bronze- toned and very warm. All the eyeshadows in this palette are wearable, even the darker colours on the end are perfect for night out makeup looks. The eyeshadows are super blendable but not chalky so you can build up the colour to be really opaque or you can blend it out to be more natural.
My favourite shades in the palette are 'Naked', 'Sidecar' and 'Toasted'.
I always find that these eyeshadows work best with the Primer Potion from Urban Decay but they you can wear it without it you prefer it to look more subtle.

Onto the Naked 2 palette. This is the cooler toned palette of the bunch, the first palette was known for it's bronzy, gold shades but these shadows have more a taupe, almost purple undertone which is a really nice change and makes the second palette even more worth getting.

This is where Urban Decay changed their packaging and made it much more sturdy than the first one. I like that they took on board people's annoyances with the first palette to make this one even more amazing. The packaging is almost like a pencil tin with a snap lock top which ensures that the palette is not going to fall open in transit like the first one did.
It seems like UD tried to make this palette as travel friendly as possible (same as the third one) which is great and has really overcome all the negatives that the first one had.

A cool toned version of 'Half baked' from the original palette is also in this palette which is great because sometimes i find the colour quite difficult to wear. 
My favourite colours from the palette are 'Chopper', 'Tease' and 'YDK'. 
'YDK' is this amazing shimmery colour that looks amazing on any skin tone.
This is the palette that I have probably used the least but I am going to make an extra effort to use it in my everyday makeup look because I love all the colours.

The Naked 3 palette is definitely my favourite, I believe this palette is rose- toned shades which I find so flattering and pretty.
My favourite colours are 'Dust', 'Burnout', 'Buzz' and 'Nooner' but I literally love every colour in the palette.
I find it such a pleasure using this palette everyday and I always love the makeup looks that I am able to create. As it's such a versatile palette I think it would be perfect to take on holiday, you've got the beautiful colours that are perfect for any occasion, the huge mirror and the brush that comes with it.

It's very difficult for me to say which palette I would buy if I could only buy one because I love them all however, if I hadn't received them as presents then I would definitely not own them. £36 a piece is a lot of money and even though they are worth it and Urban Decay is one of, if not, my favourite high- end makeup brand, £118 to spend on 3 palettes is not something that many people can easily do.

I hope that this post helped you decide which one you are going to purchase!
Please leave any post requests that you have below.

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  1. You're so lucky owning all 3 :) I have the original but I use my dupe from Makeup Revolution of the Naked 2 that I might get that at some point. It's good to have budget versions you can try out before committing your £37! xx

    Magpie Jasmine || Palette Giveaway: Urban Decay, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced

    1. I know i was very lucky at Christmas! I've used the MUA dupes but nothing compares to the real thing! :)


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