Saturday, 5 December 2015

Current Fave: Lomeou Miracle Romance Eyeliner.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love winged liner. I feel like I have smaller eyes so I like to use makeup to make them look bigger using liner and a light shadow on the inner corner. So ever since I started wearing liquid liner, I've been searching for the best one- and I've been through plenty. 

From L'Oreal to Soap & Glory to Avon (among others), but ever since I was sent this one from I've been obsessed. The price is absolutely crazy for the quality and performance of the product. The full price is around £3- and you can use my code FRAH10 to get 10% off although there are always amazing sales on (so normally around £1.95). 

Even though I love the Soap & Glory Supercat liner, it smudges in the outside corner which is super annoying since I hate touching up makeup. This liner is waterproof and doesn't smudge on me at all which makes me love it even more. It's super easy to get a precise line so if you find it difficult to get a flick sharp enough to cutta b*tch, then this is for you. The nib is very fine but it's rigid enough to make sure you have full control~ so it's the easiest i've ever used.

I've already repurchased this product 3 times so I can safely say that this is my holy grail.

Hope you've enjoyed this review.

Thanks for reading,
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