Friday, 3 July 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation Review ♥♥

The review I have for you today has been my favourite foundation over the past week or so. I heard lots of Americans rave about it on blogs and YouTube, and even though the formulas are slightly different, I decided to give it a go. 

I've been wearing this foundation to school for about a week now and every time I go into the college toilets expecting to find an oily mess in the mirror, I'm always so impressed with the staying power it has. It's a full coverage foundation but it feels weightless on the skin and the texture is so lovely to wear, it makes my skin look flawless yet it doesn't feel like I'm caked in makeup. 

On the back it has a really cool little diagram thaang (not really sure what else to call it) that explains the texture, coverage and finish of the foundation. It states that the foundation has a medium texture (between air- light and heavy), a high coverage (between low, medium, high) and a matte finish (between matte, satin and illuminated). I am in love with the way it explains everything on the packaging because it allows you to know exactly what you're signing up for without having to do any research at all into the details of the product. 

Right now, this foundation has taken over my love for Estée Lauder double wear because my skin has been even more oily than usual and nothing is staying put on my skin. All except this foundation.
So if you love a matte finish or you would like to try out a foundation that will not melt off during the summer months, I would highly, highly recommend giving this foundation a go!

Thanks for reading.
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