Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Kendall Jenner 4 Estée Lauder-Restless Lipstick ♥

As most of the makeup lovers out there will probably know, Kendall Jenner has been heavily involved with Estée Lauder over the past few months and recently she brought out her own limited edition lipstick shade. I'm obsessed with the whole Kardashian/ Jenner clan and Estée Lauder is one of my favourite luxury makeup brands so put the two together and I'm on board. I ordered the lipstick last week and I've been in love ever since I received the shiny blue parcel. 
I'm normally so nervous about going out in a bold lip and my friends get so annoyed at me because they're lovely and say that my lips are big and pretty and I should show them off by making them the feature of my makeup. Recently I've been going for a more neutral eye with only winged liner and some mascara so I have the perfect base for this fabulous lipstick. 
This product also holds two of the things I adore in a lipstick- it's matte and it's an orangey red. The classic red lip with blue undertones looks amazing on some people, however I think it looks too much on me and I feel too overdone and likewise with a really glossy lip so this product is beyond perfect. 

What I also really love about Estée Lauder is that you get to choose two samples at the checkout and you automatically get four when you order over £60. I selected the Day Wear Plus which I have always wanted to try (side note: I am not disappointed) and a mini size of the Sumptuous infinite mascara which is also amazing. And when I received the lipstick it came with a fancy little pouch and a post card offering a free sample of the little black primer and free named day delivery on your next purchase as a thankyou for buying Kendall's shade. 
This however was not great for my bank account as of course I went back onto esteelauder.co.uk and took full advantage of that offer. 

So I would totally recommend for you all to grab the Kendall J Restless lipstick, and soon because it's limited edition! Everybody panic! 

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  1. The shade is so lovely! It looks amazing on you! Xx



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