Sunday, 8 December 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick- 107 Review.

I was on the hunt for a lipstick last week and was stuck for which one to get. One of my favorite YouTubers is Zoella so i thought i'd trust her opinion and get her fave.

The colour is a gorgeous wine red colour and it looks so beautiful for this time of year. I was so shocked when i first applied it; it's so creamy and smooth. You can apply it in a variety of different ways which i love; i like to dab a little bit into the center of my lips and blend it out with my finger but also i love it's full colour. The pigmentation is really great and looks good with just one swipe and stays put all day.

I know packaging shouldn't be a main focus but for me it is. The colour is beautiful and i love how it has Kate's signature on the lid. (This sounds really weird) The magnet is also quite strong and the lid closes properly so if you want to throw it your handbag you can trust that the lid won't just come off which is what i find with some lipsticks.

One thing i do find (but this might just be me) is that i must use a lip liner to get it straight. I like the Maybelline one in 'Pleasure Me Red' as it's a very similar colour. I also like using a lip liner as it prevents smudging and bleeding, for extra staying power i also like to powder over my lips. This sets everything in place so if you're going for a meal in this lipstick it will move for no man.

I like wear it with pretty neutral eyes. Maybe just some definition at my top lash line and lots of mascara.
I'm planning on doing a post for a Christmas party look with this lipstick so look out for that coming up soon.

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