Saturday, 14 May 2016


Whilst casually walking around the beauty hall of John Lewis, you know, minding my own business this product jumped out at me. Nars is one of those brands that I always saw lots of beauty girls on YouTube use so it always made me really excited to be able to afford it one day. I have been dabbling in this brand a bit over the past few months and all the products I have tried have become some of my all time favourites.

So whilst attempting to restrain myself from just asking the lovely lady behind the counter for one of everything, this product jumped out at me. I'd thought about picking up a multiple for contouring before but I never got round to it so I was really interested in them anyway. I saw this shade 'Copacabana' and I thought it was gorgeous. It's a beautiful pink/ champagne toned highlight with silver glitter within it.

The Nars multiples are £29.00 which although is not cheap, you only apply a very small amount for amazing pigmentation so I personally think they're worth it. They create a beautiful iridescent, almost wet- look on the skin that is near impossible to get with powder highlighters.
This product is definitely my new obsession. 


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