Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Top 5 Tuesday // Drugstore Mascara.

Since mascaras are one of the most overpriced makeup items, it's rubbish when you buy one that's..well... rubbish. Which is why i thought i'd give you a quick run down of the ones that i have tried and really liked. I've got very sparse eyelashes and recently i feel like they're getting shorter so any mascara that works on me will look even more amazing on someone with naturally longer lashes. Mascara is so important to any makeup look and for me, as long as my brows are filled in and my eyelashes looks nice, i'm good to go.

In general, mascaras are quite expensive so i prefer to research whatever mascara I'm going to buy or just buy one that I've heard great things about. 

The mascaras that are often recommended on YouTube/ Blogs are often the higher end ones that are therefore more expensive and not always necessary better as everyone has personal preferences.

Here's my run down.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast:
I use this mascara the most on other people when i do their makeup so i never really tried it out before- when i finally did i discovered that it's a really nice formula. I wouldn't say it's my favourite drugstore mascara but it builds very nicely without clumping too much.

L'Oreal Telescopic:
I tried this because of Carli (BeautyBybel on YouTube), i remember thinking it was the best mascara ever when i first tried it out. It does require longer lashes naturally in my opinion but it lengthens extremely well and hold the curl in a very pretty, fluttery way. The wand is very thin and the comb grabs every single lash and pulls it upwards- the formula also lasts for ages without drying out.

Barry M Lash Vegas:
This is probably the cheapest mascara i've been really impressed with. The formula is very volumizing and lengthening. Something great about this mascara is that it gives you amazing lashes very quickly so that you don't have to sit for ages layering the mascara to get huge lashes.

Avon Super Shock:
The wand on this mascara gives a very natural fluttery look; i don't get clumps with this mascara which can look prettier sometimes when i'm going more natural with the rest of my makeup. This formula works best if your eyelashes are naturally long.

Maybelline The Falsies:
I know it's one of the most raved about mascaras but for good reason; It's one of the best mascaras i've ever tried. It holds a curl amazingly and the waterproof version that i have actually does stay on in water. I prefer the normal black drama version because it's slightly easier to remove. Recently my eyelashes have been very very sparse and even the mascaras i have that i know are amazing have been doing nothing for my lashes; this is the only mascara that has been making my lashes look normal. The formula is ammaaazzzinnngg!!

Maybelline, i salute you.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. I wanted to try L'oreal Telescopic for the longest time but it's not available here. Hopefully it is readily available in Canada where I am moving to next month.

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. I have to agree, Maybelline and Rimmel London are on point when it comes to their mascara wands. The wands don't clump up with product. Buying high end mascaras is a waste of money, especially if you're like me and replace your mascara every three - four months. Budget brands - salute! xx


  3. Loreal Telescopic will ALWAYS be my fave drugstore mascara, although it is pretty pricey for drugstore! It's so amazing, i love it!
    xprincessjas | x

    1. Mascara is definitely one of the most over priced items, i find that any good one is normally quite expensive, except of course the bargains you find now and again! X


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