Saturday, 14 June 2014

Models Own Banana Split.

Pastel nail polish is always an amazing accessory for spring/ summer.

Models Own have a scented nail polish range in which you can scratch the top of the lid to reveal the scent of the name of the polish (blueberry, banana split etc). This one is banana split; yellow is not a colour that i thought i'd ever enjoy on my nails, but it's such a cute colour and looks less harsh than a really opaque white.

The formula of the models own polishes are great to apply (even though they take 2-3 coats) however, the formula chips quite quickly. I don't mind this so much as i like to change my polish quite often.

Yellow is the kind of shade that i thought wouldn't go with anything; however i find that this shade matches whatever i'm wearing. 

Nail polish is something that i am more comfortable being more adventurous with.


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