Sunday, 12 January 2014

My vacation playlist!

When on holiday sunbathing is the most important activity in my opinion. Sometimes i like to just chill out in silence but other times i like to pop on my headphones and jam (in my head).

I'm always downloading albums because of recommendations from various people but I don't always get the chance to properly listen to them all. This is a great excuse for me to find out which songs on albums I like and which I don't. 

Whilst I was sunbathing I decided to create a playlist of songs i could listen to without having to skip through so I could just put down my phone.

I thought I'd do a quick post telling you my vacation music picks and the music that in general I have been enjoying recently.

Ariana Grande is definitely my favourite  female singer and she has been for a long time which is why there is lots of her music in my playlist. I have pretty much all of her album in it but I will just list some of my favourite songs from her album Yours Truly. 

I also still really like Miley Cyrus. I know there is lots of controversy around her but what she chooses to do with her life is not anyone's business but hers. I like her knew album so I will listen to it whether she's twerking on Robin Thicke or not. 

This is in no particular order:

Ariana Grande:
-Gimme Some Lovin' (cover).
-Right There feat. Big Sean.
-Lovin' It.
-You'll never know.
Miley Cyrus:
- 4x4 feat. Nelly.
- Love Money Party.
- We can't stop.
Beyoncé- ego.
Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines.
Emblem 3- Chloe.
Daft Punk- get lucky.
Pitbull- feel this moment feat. Christina Aguilera.
Bridgit Mendler:
-Ready or Not.
-Top of the world.
-City lights.
Marcus Butler- I'm a rapper.
Kanye West:
-touch the sky.
-Gold digger.
- Clique.
Fiona Apple- Paperbag.
Katy Perry: 
- unconditionally
- birthday.
Miguel- how many drinks.
Justin Timberlake:
- mirrors.
- suit and tie.
Christina Aguilera-Your body.
Pharell Williams- Happy.
Foxes- Holding on to Heaven.

I would recommend that you download or at least have a quick listen to some, if not all, of these songs.


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